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one thing is. and another think it's. possible to get the right speed and control buses available if i control the ball here is one thing and then i need one want that and i need one more second another thing is it passes me the ball and with my control. my control i can give immediately speed to the game so little seems little good makes the game much much better of you for a look for example to. use his name your version of your if they look to him the first the first control the speed of the of the polish always go to.
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my i'm. positively surprised with what i see what i see in his little session and i hope the coach said because of you and me i've also seen my in my players being professional players. they enjoy more of the period when they are playing in the period where they have to practice but this is as important exercises that they can do outside the little little game was just secret in achieving that much trophies the secret is what i was asking you. to enjoy but at the same time if you say if you want to reach a certain level. has to be a serious serious thing every minute of the way. working with my players i
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take it very very serious always of the smile always happy to do something that i really like to do but always read with a great cause and be the grit and be sure to have fun but every minute you are on the pitch take it seriously what's your favorite muchas tonight for if i answer to you will be the other one is the goal which is like when you are a father and you have more than then ones then one son which one is the favorite son i have a son of the daughter i cannot say which one is my favorite. my favorite what's the difference in training russian players english players i think in the one of the secrets is the competitiveness of the every club has probably eighteen twenty twenty peaches like this one. only for the academies i hope. with kids like you coaches like him with facilities like like that with the passion of
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the russian. people as for football with what the world cup can change in terms of that. have that mentality in. all of the united states mexico canada that can be a target for. the russian national team to to improve let's make a challenge and sometimes challenges all dreams they become reality one day so let's see in the next twelve years. i coach the russian national team and some of them they play for me they will. until i got. an audience for the man himself great table with fans across the world on a roller coaster of emotions it has been super many he brought their four legged
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friends along for.
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four legged friends to so many amazing characters we showed you as many as we can here the voted found on a cause great football all part of the huge summer world cup here in russia get all the news get all the action and back stories as they happen from us. main site dot com. it's nine fifteen now this wednesday morning let me take you to some other world news headlines away from the football it's us independence day and apparently a new low in american patra tism for the first time a poll by public opinion consultants gallup suggests that hoffa less than half actually of those surveyed in the us said they were extremely proud to be american and explains more. the fourth of july american independence day
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a time for barbecue fireworks and celebrating the old stars and stripes. but is the patriotic impulse dying among americans a new poll shows that not all americans are swelling with national pride the poll indicates that less than half of americans actually say that they're extremely proud of their country and that's with donald trump playing up us exceptionalism we're going to make america you'd make america great again great again are you planning to celebrate the fourth of july this year actually i'll be working as i am sure is every day comp by an easy going hole came out this year and when asked if they were proud of their country extremely proud of their country only forty seven percent of americans said yes that's less than half what do you make of that poll.
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i saw that i don't understand i'm in that the other category i am extremely proud of and now we look so bad in court towards other countries who are looking towards us and saying that we look so separated now instead of being united i suppose it's a bad trump mainly really it's just just simply the president. when asked i think you get it that there is not a political. level happening just faith and leadership to really come down to what i think deep down the numbers probably higher people may feel a grudge about certain political you know swings these days used to be that once a year americans put aside their political differences and marched behind the american flag is one on independence day however this year it seems that partisan political differences are impacting how americans feel about the festivities. mop and our t.
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new york you know which way happy independence day cos if you're celebrating coming up here on out international europe's migrant crisis continues to divide the block as germany turns its back no in some e.u. members and goes it so way more of the rest of the morning's headlines as well because. donald trump will soon visit europe is a very busy agenda and it's unclear what kind of perception people get topping his like henery will be trade relations nato and russia never before has an american president been expected with so much henchmen. push. is when the interest on the debt is greater then your taxes taxable base then you have to throw up all pretenses of quantitative easing and just admit your monetizing debt bank is just printing and buying back its own. place then you get
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into what's called a banana republic named after a countries that want america to put their in the butt out of business doing this monetization of their own and have collapsed as well argentina come to mind this is going to be contagious and going into america. again good morning for me kevin i would hear it r t so working conditions it seems in french law enforcement have been described as being in a true crisis these days a newly released report flags up a number of issues including grueling show jewels and excessive stress it also highlights were a number of suicides among police. reports next. it's the go to chanted
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french protests schools of people shouting their hatred for luring force meant at the top of their polices was was. was. was on an almost daily basis officers are on the front line of filing protests terrorism and a wave of my question now a shock report says the country's internal forces are in gulf in a deep crisis it's a disgrace i won't hide today we are on edge of the implosion that has already been daily violence in our relationship with people it's a job without gratitude since the terror attacks and twenty fifteen we're in much more demand the number of missions has multiplied but if we don't have the resources it's only going to get worse the parliamentary committee report also says
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police and security forces so understaffed they've worked almost twenty two million hours in overtime without compensation if it were to be paid it would cost a staggering two hundred and seventy two million euro as much of this it states is down to the heightened terror threat and its peak tourism season kicks in pickpockets and scam artists adding to the pressure the senators say the only way to relieve it is to hire more officers between three and four thousand of them almost half the amount president back on his promise to do for you over a fight if period another issue highlighted by the report is the high level of suicides within the police force it says it's thirty six percent higher than in the general population. a weak police officer is a bad officer in the eyes of others soaked. ollie's don't want to talk about their
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problems with other officers tom is currently still working as a police officer to be able to talk a pin the about the issue of suicide in the force he asked us to hide his identity and so the problem is we don't have support when it's bad at home and it's better work we don't know who to confide in recently i could visibly see a colleague was looking good unfortunately i didn't have a way to report that we felt something was wrong fifteen days later he took his life tom says police officers are under pressure twenty four hours a day and a never able to step away from the job and he says it's becoming more and more difficult to carry out his work teach the staff shortages and a lack of food sources but she asked someone from the syrian ministry to comment on the plate in this report so far we have had no response but earlier this year the minister responsible for the internal security forces made this statement to the
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committee they stick to the issue. and at the end of twenty seventeen i asked the director of national police and the director of the national gendarmerie to work on an analysis of the reasons for suicides the parliamentary report makes more than thirty recommendations to help turn this crisis around it's been welcomed by police unions he said something must be urgently done to prevent the entire system from collapsing and they say you can't put a price tag on the security of the french republic charlot even ski r.t. paris. style is from new york's become the face of apparently growing movement among american liberals he released a video which quickly went viral calling all people to walk away from what he sees as the phony compassion of the democratic party we spoke to the man who started the care. i myself was
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a lifelong liberal democratic voter i would say kind of democrat by default because i'm a gay man and i think that the expectation for a lot of minority groups is that we are supposed to vote democrat and that we are supposed to be liberals so i found myself sort of in the tribe on the left most of my life but there were things for years that made me extremely uncomfortable as i started to see the identity politics and the politically correct culture just sort of take over common sense i knew other people were feeling this way so i decided to create a campaign and create this video to kick off the campaign so i'm walking away. and i encourage all of you to do the same. what i really wanted to do was get people back in touch with their voices and to push back against the narrative on the left. the video generated a huge amount of feedback almost fifty thousand people have joined the movement since its release last month of the walkway trending over the weekend.
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and i was instantly hooked to his message i'd rather walk away and be a part. of. the right. things the scared the less this is where the party is going and this is why i'm sure. some say most of the momentum is being generated by right wing is rather those with a genuine grievance because the founder of the walkway campaigned for his thoughts about. my campaign is not most they can approach comprised of people who are conservative and in fact anybody who's saying that i encourage them to go into the this is what's so brilliant about the campaign if i don't say so myself you can't love the video testimonials don't lie those aren't russian bots if you will and these are you know these aren't manufactured stories these are real people telling the real stories so for anybody who is skeptical please go to the page and see with
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your own eyes and listen with your own ears to the stories of real people who have really walked away from the left because they're completely fed up with what's happening on the left. just days after the strike why do ranging migron deal now chancellor merkel is proposing a new plan which could see germany sending failed asylum seekers back to the e.u. countries where the first registered something that wasn't agreed to last friday's summit of the migrant crosses with the details polis leah. how many times have we heard about european solidarity and unity when it comes to the migrant crisis that we're still seeing a little bit more responsible and more supportive europe is emerging from this european council italy is not left alone anymore. not in terms of that after an intense discussion in which we believe is a challenging subject for the european union it sends out a good message that we have eventual prepared to join text i'm optimistic that we can coordinate further support for me this is a satisfying outcome europe has made
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a decision in though it took time to do so but looking at how europe is handling the influx it's about as far for unity and solidarity as ever with pretty much every member state looking to secure its own interests starting with germany where angle of merkel and her interior minister have set up a so-called new border regime where the plan is to send migrants back to those european countries where they were first registered and if they don't want them well then the plan is to send them to austria but austria is clearly not on board. should this agreement become the german government's position we see that is prompting us to take action to prevent negative consequences for austria and its population however the media here in germany report that merkel did actually get the consent of fourteen other e.u. countries on transferring asylum seekers out of germany but quite a few of the blocs members are sending
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a different message. germany did not address with regards to this issue and they would not have science such an agreement no form of asylum tourism is acceptable that's why we protect the borders so far it seems everyone has forgotten the supposedly groundbreaking migration summit that was held last week in brussels it was agreed they that control same tis would be set up for posting asylum seekers on a voluntary basis but that immediately looked sick to fail to see. we are not the first arrival country unless people jump with its own seats under the dublin regulation refugees most applying first european country where their rights were sticking to this rule and it follows that those countries are responsible migration centers france is not the country of first arrival so we are not opening such centers with all of the discord the ears the motto united in diversity looks like it's really going to be put to the test in the coming months paul asli r t. yeah
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that problem is not going to go away or the best weather solve it either or with that rather gloomy thought exactly nine twenty nine of the morning i leave you for now that's the way some of the world news is piling up as one of the fourth of july so if you're celebrating of a good one it's covered over here in moscow but with more of the night's world cup action and more of the headlines for you in half an hour but for now thanks for watching and have a great day review chin did around the world. and what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line they did accept it or reject. so when you want to be president. or something wanted. to go right to be close this is what the three of the four people. interested in the war. there should.
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greetings and salutations this week the united states celebrates its independence day july fourth marks the day the united states through revolutionary war threw up the yoke of the great british empire and celebrated the birth of a new constitutional republic but now more than two hundred years and eight hundred military bases around the world later many of you the united states today is having more in common with the empire defeated than the revolutionaries who defeated it take the good people of niger specifically those living in the city of aga is home to the new one hundred million dollar u.s. drone base the beating heart of the u.s. africa command or africa according to reports obtained by the intercept through
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foyer back in two thousand and twelve before the building of the massive drone base africa in the us state department surveyed locals in the region and found that eighty three percent of august as respondents believe that american and european cultures pose a threat to traditional muslim values nearly fifty percent were convinced that the united states is spiting islam rather than terrorism across the muslim world and apparently when this kind of local sentiment is translated in the u.s. state department and military speak it can only mean one thing. perfect place to build a hundred million dollar drone bases and put hundreds upon hundreds of u.s. soldiers because that is exactly how the u.s. responded to the survey and since the escalation of u.s. military and drone presence in the region the intercepts nick turk terse notes the country is now a hotbed of extremist groups including al qaeda in the islamic magreb the islamic state of iraq and the islamic state west africa isis greater sahara isis libya and
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boko haram according to the u.s. state department most of the organizations were operating in niger or didn't even exist when or be conducted its polling and that my friends is u.s. foreign policy two hundred years after our independence spreading democracy one drone bombing at a time i would start watching the hawks. but that's. the bottom. like you that i got. to. welcome everybody to watching the hawks i am to roll them
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and them to have a lot less. there is that that. the chicken and the egg you know are we there fighting you know is the u.s. . they're fighting because it's so dangerous or is the presence of the u.s. or wherever making it more dangerous for you know me. because i'm probably woods considered a peacenik i kind of believe that whatever you're going to do smell a terrorist is hardware drones in the us to a region it escalates any violence that might not have already been there rather than deescalate spirals because of what happens when you bomb countries that introduce military in the country right and it's also i think it's interesting what they say about the idea. eighty percent of people think that it's against their traditional value is which is funny because that's exactly the attitude of you know
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americans who are opposed to this idea of college is make terrorism call it islamic this and despite the fact that even bush was like he was not about muslims like even bush knew enough to not ask about that rhetoric will god escalate and oh so you know you're talking about the u.s. waging war on terror in seventy six countries. like forty percent of the country is on the planet that's just or waging war off and also good the u.s. is using the military for all sorts of problems which is creating more problems which we've seen all over this idea fighting terrorism with terrorists something's not be working so great for the u.s. military. u.s. news and world report reported that during the a bowl epidemic in west africa the u.s. at four thousand troops to help eradicate the disease ultimately one ended up passing it caused riots in local communities and taken all together. in the u.s. news and world report that clearly shows that the militarization of africa is
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a major u.s. foreign policy objective and i find that horrible this country is already been through one colonization and now we're militaristically colonizing them which i think is even more disgusting and i. to repeat such blatant mistakes of the past oh it's terrible it's like to me it's like you know let the countries in africa find their own way i think they've had enough colonialism you know they've had enough foreign military presence on their shores throughout or i don't know history. i think let them do their thing you know tre do that kind of thing great you know if they ask you for help come in and help but other than that hands off i don't i cannot fathom as a us citizen why my tax dollars are going to put up a military base in countries that we are not war with not trying to be a war with nor have any need of soldiers they're not resigning and what's really disturbing and this is one of those things where you doubt the hash tag why i am
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a feminist is niger is one of those countries like we talked about it in this last week about how dangerous it is for women i mean this is a place where eighty percent ninety percent of the women there are say that being beaten i mean it's not considered a crime to be rape assault your wife right women don't report they literally don't have statistics and nature for you know the police or medical for things like rape because they just don't keep track because it's so normal and the thing is what you're saying is when you bring more and more violence into a place when you do this and you take away women's ability to work which is what the a war zone does it happened in iraq where that early like ninety nine percent of the women could not there was no viable work aside from human trafficking or you know i'm one we just saw four u.s. soldiers get killed there are we are this year you know that's the thing i mean the problem is that you might have localized you know insurgent groups or radical
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groups but the problem that we're seeing over and over again is once the u.s. military goes in there you see these localized groups you know suddenly become regional problems rather than just local problems and so in my mind. you see the moment military presence gets in there the u.s. gets its hands and then we start droning people we start doing that we're creating more and more terrorists and what we do is read up saying there's still this idea of you know the moderate rebel. let's not forget who trained osama bin lot yes and that is a mistake that i find it reprehensible for us to even not to not stop and think about making again who is the next osama bin laden that we're handing a gun to and saying great if you shoot these guys will we want to shoot at you that's what's so ridiculous about having our military especially forty percent of the world you know that's an empire which is the kind we fought against.
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the n.s.a. is a known for being respectful of our right to privacy but recently they had to delete hundreds of millions of phone records because respecting our right to privacy turned out to be just too much work r.t. america's dan cohen has more. the national security agency isn't exactly known for its respect for privacy and it announced on june twenty eighth it begun deleting hundreds of millions of records of phone calls and text messages dating back to twenty fifteen in a statement the n.s.a. attributed the unauthorized collection of vast amounts of private data to quote technical irregularities in some data received from telecommunications service providers the n.s.a.'s general counsel glenn gurstelle told the new york times that the blame for the unauthorized collection was on one or more unnamed telecom providers and several complex technical glitches the n.s.a. was authorized to collect phone and text records from telecoms under the two thousand and one patriot act to find terrorism suspects in two thousand and
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thirteen former contractor edward snowden revealed the existence of a secret data collection program targeting u.s. citizens while the twenty fifteen freedom act was supposed to rein in the agency it collected more than one hundred fifty one million records in two thousand and sixteen and five hundred thirty four million in two thousand and seventeen and while the n.s.a. is the leading records the privately owned social media giant facebook revealed it gave dozens of companies special access to user data it said would be kept private facebook said it had halted the practice in two thousand and fifteen but admitted to congress that it continued for six more months the social media giant admitted it had shared information of users friends such as name gender birth date current city or hometown photos and page likes while some lawmakers have called for investigations into facebook the n.s.a.'s latest gaffe has or no such rebuke and the destruction of the files all but insurers and investigation cannot take place
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in washington dan cohen r t. who the other say oh man we're so sorry we just got to delete all these files that shows that we did something wildly illegal. and that we're not supposed to as well just delete those and actually get to the bottom of what happened because you know it's complicated yeah cool things sounds complicated it's good i mean some of this is this idea you know that the telephone company is gave us too much information and it was people who weren't you know. there had. never and i don't know what they're looking for anymore but this idea that it was just too hard you know redact all this it just took too much so yeah here they are deleting hundreds of millions of e-mails in tax or technical regularities technical but the funny part is it isn't even clear how how far they are into the process of deleting the.


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